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Category: Insight | Date: 27/10/2023

Coffee Cup Corner: Q&A with Ashley Lawrence, Business Development Executive

In this month’s edition of Xenia’s Coffee Cup Corner series, we hear from one of our Business Development Executive, Ashley Lawrence.

How long have you worked at Xenia?
Just over 3 years.

How would you describe working for Xenia?
Xenia is a fantastic business and one I’m privileged to be a part of. Whilst some will say we are corporate - Xenia very much adopts a family feel which I think is important to get the best out of everyone. I love the fact my CEO/directors are only a phone call away and are always happy to help.

What's your top tip for success:
A top tip for me is speed of response – for me it is crucial to winning new business. Additionally, always deliver on what you promise!

How did you get into the insurance sector?
My dad! I didn’t necessarily think I’d end up in credit insurance as well but an opportunity opened up which I couldn’t refuse.

What do you do at Xenia and what does your typical day look like?
No such thing as a typical day in credit insurance I’m afraid, which is why I love it. I am part of the new business team and responsible for delivering new clients for Xenia. Being a broker, my role is to provide prospects with a comparison of the market highlighting our recommendation for the best fit policy and insurer. That process sounds simple, but it involves a lot of dialogue and negotiation with each insurer. I spend a lot of my time managing and developing the relationships I have built over the years – without your introducer base, it makes life in our industry near on impossible. It’s also amazing how your network of contacts end up being mates outside of work.

How has the job changed since you started your career?
Starting as a trainee broker, I spent a lot of my time shadowing business development executives to grow my knowledge and learn the ropes. I was responsible for collating the relevant information from prospects and putting together our summary of terms. In a short space of time, I was quickly given the opportunities to work on my own cases and in turn was promoted to a business development executive and have grown since to become one of the key new business producers for Xenia.

Where do you see Xenia going over the next few years?
To continue growing our business in the UK and expand into Europe and Worldwide – it’s a great time to be a part of this business!

What's your hidden talent?
I think my colleagues would tell you it’s my ability to pick a winner at the races. In our industry we are very lucky to visit a few sporting events throughout the year. I’m starting to think I am only invited for my tips.

What job would you be doing if you weren't doing this one?
I’d be in broking of some sort for sure.

What would you say to a young person who wants to get into insurance?
Sounds cliché but age really is just a number – providing you are willing to learn and ambitious, you can achieve whatever you like at whatever age.

What do you do to relax?
A Thursday night in the Folly would be my idea of relaxation, the less said the better😊 if not there, then on a golf course when the sun is shining.

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