Credit insurance

Credit insurance policies protect companies against the risk of non-payment, typically following the insolvency or default of your customer. The cover can provide protection for the entire sales ledger, but options are available to insure key customers or even single risks. For businesses that are willing to retain meaningful levels of bad debt, catastrophe credit insurance is also available. Single invoice cover is also available from selective insurers.

Benefits of credit insurance

What is covered by credit insurance policy?

Our credit insurance policies protect clients against the risk of non-payment, typically following customer default or insolvency.

The cover can provide protection for the entire sales ledger, but options are available to insure key customers or even single risks.

All policies are bespoke and we offer advice on the extent to which credit risk can be controlled, retained and transferred to insurers.

Types of credit insurance

Whole turnover insurance

This is the most popular type of policy. It covers your entire sales ledger against non-payment through default or insolvency and is structured to suit your company’s specific needs and objectives. It can be extended to include political risk should you supply export markets. These policies have a modest excess to exclude smaller predictable losses, and typically 90% indemnity is offered on each qualifying loss. There is a blended premium rate, which encompasses all customers whatever their risk rating. Larger customers are usually vetted via the insurers online system supported by Xenia’s Account Management team. For more modest debtors the client will usually have the ability to agree cover based on pre-agreed processes.

Single risk (or specific account)

This provides protection against the insolvency of a specified customer which can be for debt already invoiced and costs of your work in progress incurred prior to the failure of your debtor. Indemnity is typically between 90-95% of the credit limit agreed. The period of cover is flexible, and can be arranged on an annual basis or for the time frame of a specific contract with premiums based on the Insurers calculation of the risk rating of your customer.

Castastrophe policies

As part of a risk management strategy a business can decide to fund bad debts up to an agreed amount, set at a level where the cumulative impact of losses is not deemed to have an adverse impact on profitability. A catastrophe policy is in effect reinsuring credit management systems, whilst ensuring the company is protected against a major, unforeseen failure, or series of larger losses. There are insurers who specialise in catastrophe credit insurance.

Top-up policies

Top-up policies allow access to additional insurer protection on the same risk(s). This may be due to size of facility or due to restricted appetite on a customer or market. This can be used on a Single Account, Catastrophe or Whole Turnover policy.

Non-cancellable credit limits

Sales ledgers change daily and therefore it is crucial that your credit insurance arrangements are flexible so that limits increase and decrease keeping premium at appropriate level. Some insurers are prepared to provide their credit limits on a non-cancellable basis, meaning that they will not cancel cover during the policy period. This usually means higher premium or greater risk share. Good credit management disciplines are also required in such cases.

Our service

Our team of credit insurance specialists help businesses of all sizes to grow with confidence. We work in close partnership with our clients, and we see our role as an extension of your own credit management.

We treat all clients with the same level of commitment and service, regardless of the size of the requirement. We begin with an analysis and understanding of your company. We use this information to develop a carefully packaged submission that demonstrates your business principles and plans. By providing an overview of your operations and business model, we eliminate assumptions, save time, and build confidence with the underwriter.

We then negotiate bespoke credit insurance facilities for you. We will train your team, ensuring basic policy administration is understood, and continue to support your business with on-going dialogue ensuring your policy meets your requirements.

Why Xenia?

Our teams are experts in their specialist areas of insurance. We work in collaboration ensuring we achieve the very best possible result for our clients. We also have:

  • Close relationships with key underwriters in our market
  • Extensive knowledge of trade sectors
  • Reputation for negotiating policies for new entrants into the market
  • Experienced specialists in credit insurance market
  • Investment in continuous training and development of our staff
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