What we do

Our team of credit insurance specialists help businesses to trade with confidence.

We work in partnership with our clients throughout the life of a credit insurance policy. From initial engagement we remain involved to negotiate, support and maximise the benefits of a credit insurance programme often operating as an extension of the credit management team.

We offer guidance and support in the following areas:

Credit Insurance

Our credit insurance policies protect clients against the risk of non-payment, typically following customer default or insolvency. The cover can provide protection for the entire sales ledger, but options are available to insure key customers or even single risks.

All policies are bespoke and we offer advice on the extent to which credit risk can be controlled, retained and transferred to insurers.

Bonds and Surety

Surety bonds offer independent security to businesses against losses relating to the performance of a contract.

Placing bonds with the insurance market can release lines of credit with a bank. This makes bonds and surety a useful way to augment facilities provided by banks and financial institutions.

Click here for further details on Xenia performance bonds.

Trade Finance

Credit insurance is increasingly used to support the availability of finance. In its simplest form a credit insurance policy can be assigned to a bank or financial institution. This gives the named institution first call on any claims payment, making them more likely to support a client’s activities.

We are also involved in the provision of letters of credit, funding of confirmed orders, direct supplier payments and even cash advances.

Credit Reports

Xenia provides easy and cost-effective access to status reports. These are available on a pay-as-you-go or on annual subscription basis, and provide valuable insight into the trading history of a prospective customer.

Our experienced team of credit insurance specialists can help you make realistic decisions about the type of credit insurance cover that’s right for your business.

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