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Xenia was formed through the union of three long-standing specialist credit insurance brokers, Credit Risk Solutions (CRS), Howden Trade Credit and Credit & Business Finance (CBF). 2021 & 2022 has seen more acquisitions with experienced colleagues joining from Credit Insurance Alliance Brokers (CIA), Status Credit, Parker Norfolk, Peter Hill Credit & Tysers Insurance Brokers making Xenia one of the largest specialist credit insurance brokers in the UK.

But we are not defined by our scale. We are defined by our culture and an unmitigated focus on our clients. The spirit, drive and expertise of Xenia sets us apart as a broker that will always go the extra mile to ensure the very best possible result for our clients. This in turn creates a rewarding, empowering and progressive environment for those that work in Xenia.

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Our entrepreneurial culture empowers flexible decision making, enabling our teams to be more effective and pro-active in managing our client’s requirements.

Our people

Read some of our people stories below

David Hughes

Account Manager

David has spent three decades specialising in trade credit and surety bonds. Predominantly working in Scotland, he helps clients in a variety of industries, contracting policies that allow them to trade with confidence and grow their businesses.

The requirements of each client are different. Policy wordings need to reflect the needs of individual trade sectors so regular dialogue is needed, ensuring that policy wordings are tailored and updated. There are also constant pressures on credit limits and David is on hand to review and assist with these, negotiating with risk underwriters.

Debbie Palmer

Account Broker

Debbie relishes her role as a client advisor, She started her career in credit insurance as an audio typist thirty years ago after an exceptionally short career as a barmaid at a UK holiday camp.

Debbie’s career has given her a unique perspective on the credit risk sector, which helps her support clients as they navigate through the current unprecedented economic environment.

“I’m here to look after clients, help my colleagues and enjoy my job,” Debbie says. “I focus on finding solutions to clients’ credit limit issues and helping them get their claims paid where possible.”

Andy Bradley

Account Broker

When Andy started his career, he was looking for a role where no two days are the same and he could keep learning. Credit insurance fits the bill nicely.

Andy’s current role has him supporting the day-to-day operation of clients’ policies, assisting them with everything from credit limits, to overdues and claims.

“I am always on hand to talk through any unusual circumstances and how the policy might apply, as well as the impacts on cover in any particular circumstance,” he says. “Sometimes it’s as simple as submitting a credit limit request, other times there’s a complex claim and I work out the best way to approach the insurer to avoid delays and pitfalls. Working as an extension of the client’s team helps free up time for a policyholder, but also means they have a second pair of eyes to highlight any potential issues.”

Mike Lawrence

Head of Sales UK

After more than two decades in the credit insurance sector, Mike currently focuses his time on business development, helping potential clients understand how credit insurance can help them build their businesses.

With a strong knowledge of the banks and funding sector in general, Mike has significant experience of placing funding policies such as invoice finance policies, trade finance policies and supply chain finance polices.

“Our role is to provide clients with the tools to grow their business profitably, delivering insured credit limits that help them maximise their working capital facilities and giving them confidence that they will get paid,” he says. “Most importantly we make the credit insurance policy fit the way the client works instead of forcing them to change how they work to fit the policy.”

Elizabeth James

Account Manager

Elizabeth also knows as Lil, has been with the company since 2014 and throughout this time has developed a strong knowledge of the credit insurance sector. She started out as a trainee broker, working with as many other members of the team as possible as they supported their clients and using that as an opportunity to look at the sector from a variety of perspectives.

She is now an account manager, helping her own portfolio of clients. She speaks both English and French, which can help with some clients, particularly one French finance director who enjoys having the meetings in French and discussing “back home”.

“There are years and years of experience in our team and I am lucky to work among some of the most knowledgeable and interesting people in the whole of the credit insurance market,” she says. “Being able to tap into that kind of information and knowledge is priceless to me and the clients I support.”

Simon Berry

Director of Client Services South

Simon started working for a global insurance broker’s accounts team in 1999 before moving into trade credit a year later. He currently focuses on business development for credit insurance and surety, building relationships with prospective clients and ensuring that they understand their options and have the most efficient product for in place.

Simon has enjoyed the opportunity to develop his skills sets as he has moved through various positions in the credit insurance sector. From his perspective it is important to extend a network as far as possible, act professionally and respect relationships.

“It is important to have strong relationships with introducers from various industries and backgrounds,” he says. “They are trusting us with their client relationships, and we have to be able to prove that we are adding value and doing what’s best for their clients.”

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